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Savoy is led by Chef Patron Helena Puolakka, one of the most recognised Finnish chefs. Before returning to Finland in 2019, Helena Puolakka worked abroad for over 20 years, of which seven years in three-Michelin-star restaurants: as Chef de Cuisine in Pierre Koffman’s La Tante Claire in London, and with Pierre Gagnaire in Hotel Balzac in Paris.

Today, her passion reaches beyond what’s on the plate to the overall experience of dining out, and how to make that special for each guest. When taking the lead in Savoy, Helena Puolakka chose her title to be Chef Patron, a French term that reflects the duties of an owner as well as the leader of the kitchen.

Puolakka’s vision of Savoy is balancing the rich history of the restaurant with the present. The cuisine of Savoy has always been a combination of Finnish and French, and with its history comes a touch of Russian as well. Along with keeping up with traditions and signature dishes, Puolakka’s Savoy celebrates the elegance and lightness of modern cooking. One of her first dishes in the Savoy kitchen was a new version of Savoy’s legendary vorschmack. The original dish remains on the menu, but it can now also be enjoyed in a lighter form of vorschmack pelmenis and borsch consommé – a new Savoy classic.

Helena Puolakka