Join us for dinner or drinks in July! Lunch service returns on 7 August.

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Our aim is to serve lovingly prepared food with great skill behind it, as well as honesty. While a lot of the techniques and classic recipes can be traced back to French cuisine, Savoy’s Finnish identity is reflected in our focus on local produce, including reindeer, crayfish, and wild berries and mushrooms.

Our creative process is ingredient-led, and we always work as a team to plan the menu. Chef Helena Puolakka has brought a wealth of culinary tradition to Savoy, with an emphasis on skilled bird processing, among other techniques. Alongside preparing classic delicacies such as ballotine and wellington, the use of vibrant colours and strictly seasonal ingredients have become defining characteristics in our food.

The Savoy wine list has always maintained a classic foundation, but we strive to infuse it with vibrancy and innovation by showcasing intriguing small and emerging producers, and surprising new regions. Our core is in Europe, but we are always on the lookout for hidden gems from other parts of the globe as well: alongside top-notch burgundies we are happy to serve some excellent pinot noirs from Oregon.